The Team

We’re here to help. is part of the Razormind Network.

We have several teams which operate this site. As patients most people will have contact with our Clinical Team, who are ably supported by our Admin Team. Admin folks help schedule and sort appointments, and follow ups. The site itself is maintained and run by our flighty Technical Team.




Our Clinical Team consists of 20 Accredited CBT Therapists. If you’re looking for someone on our Clinical Team, then please visit our Registered Therapists Page.

We encourage users to read Therapist profiles and their posts.



Our Admin Team provides support services including scheduling and follow up as well as confirming video links before sessions. They will help you in a variety of ways but mostly are there to get you set up.

You can reach out to Admins by sending an email to:


Our Technical Team look after our site infrastructure, architecture (in English we mean the servers and the website.) They are constantly looking at ways to improve our site or to fix any issues.


If you spot anything please let us know at:

And we’ll get right on it.